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About Bloem Linen

From the big city I moved to the countryside of France. The slower pace of life and nature has inspired me to a different and more natural way of living.

When people ask me what I do for a living and I tell them I make linen clothing, they often respond by saying that linen is such noble fabric, that in the olden days it was worn only by the 'noblesse', the richer people.

What I love about linen is indeed that it gives a rich feeling when wearing it. Not rich in the sens of money but because of its softness on the skin, its own character, and because linen can be worn casual as well as formal.
Wrinkles don't matter in linen, it gives linen charm, and makes it alive.

What I also love about linen, is its diversity. 
Linen clothing, bed linens, pillow covers, nightwear, bags and totes, linen for in the kitchen... all is possible!

And let's not forget that linen is a natural, eco-friendly product that needs no pest control and little water during the growing period.
With this in mind, wearing linen, sleeping under linen sheets, and putting on a linen nightdress when stepping in bed, gives an extra sense of well-being.

The linen I use is 100% linen and European. The flax is grown in Normandie, France, and is then transported to Germany wear it is woven and died. 

I don't do wholesale but I am open to larger quantity orders with discount. I often work with restaurants, café's and for instance flower shops.

Also would I love to collaborate with other creators.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions about clothing, linen in general, doubts about size or color, and if you like something custom made. 

Kind regards,

Bloem Linen is registered as auto-entrepreneur at the Chambre de Commerce in Nevers, France, under Siret: 518 303 151 00048

All my products are made from 100% linen and handmade by me, Copyrights to Bloem Linen in France.